BREAKING NEWS: BOD Approves Allowances for MLS Fees Extension


The ValleyMLS Board of Directors, in a special virtual meeting, approved a motion from the Finance Committee to allow members to request a 30-day extension for payment of Q2 ValleyMLS fees with no penalties.

Currently, ValleyMLS fees are due on April 1, 2020 and late fees assessed on April 15th. If any ValleyMLS member needs an extension of this time frame, simply send an email to to ask for this extension. So long as we have an email requesting this extension, your request will be granted.

With the 30 day extension, ValleyMLS fees will be due on May 1st and service for individual users would be interrupted on May 11, 2020 without payment. Late fees will be assessed on May 16, 2020, unpaid agents would cause an office interruption on June 1, 2020.

Covid-19 (coronavirus) is shutting down operational norms in our area. This will be a measure to help members get through this emergency without worry of maintaining access to ValleyMLS services. By using a request based system, this will allow our staff to keep record of who needs an extension. Extensions will allow for continued services without interruption for members.

The HAAR/ValleyMLS offices remain closed until April 6th, which proceeds the due payment date. Members have the option to pay online via IMS or can drop payments in our mail slot on the front doors of our offices at 535 Monroe Street NW.

As with any business, ValleyMLS still has financial obligations with our operations, if you are able to pay your Q2 MLS fees we encourage you to do so.

Please reach out if you have any questions: Senior Director of HAAR Operations & Finance, Katy Fitzgerald – / Chief Executive Officer, Josh McFall –