Special Report: December Board Meeting Actions

At their December 1st, 2020 meeting, the HAAR and ValleyMLS.com Board of Directors approved revised forms and policies. We wanted to immediately alert members subscribers to this news, so please see below for those updates and donā€™t hesitate to email outreach@valleymls.com with questions.

  • LOCKBOX & KEYS. Supra’s Non-Member Access option will soon be available, allowing listing agents to give access to their lockbox to a non-member for a $3.00 fee per-use. CLICK HERE for a step-by-step user guide.
  • BROKER ORIENTATION. HAAR will implement a required 6-hour New Broker Orientation class for Qualifying Brokers of new companies and new Qualifying Brokers for an existing company. Details and dates will be announced in 2021.
  • ELECTIONS. New Elections Rules were approved to dictate that, at any time an election is held or a vote is cast, it shall be against HAAR policy to:
    • Attempt to intimidate voters via text messages, email, social media, online or in-person through the threat of negative consequences.
    • Interfere with the orderly conduct of any election or vote.
    • Use a past or present officer, board member, staff or REALTORĀ®’s name in campaign materials without prior written consent.
    • Picket, hold demonstrations, distribute literature or place signs within 150 feet from any entrance to the HAAR building or any HAAR/ValleyMLS.com sponsored function.
  • NOMINATING PROCESS. The nominating process was moved to a “Qualification and Recommendation” process to encourage a larger field of candidates to run of office.
    • The process will be conducted by a committee of the 5 most immediate Past Presidents willing to serve, and two members at large, not from the same company.
    • This committee will interview all candidates who have applied to serve as an officer or director.
    • A core set of questions will be asked of all candidates and the committee will recommend candidates to membership for open Officer and Director positions.
    • Grievance Chair: Loraine Cordule
    • Professional Standards Chair: Lena Jacobs
    • Orientation Chair: Kimberly Coyne


  • NEW ESCALATION OFFER FORM. The Board approved the revised form as written and approved at the October 20,2020 Forms Committee meeting. CLICK HERE to view the full form.
  • CLAREITY DASHBOARD EXTENSION. Our agreement with Clareity was renewed for a 12-month term with no price increase.
  • LICENSED & UN-LICENSED ASSISTANTS. A new policy was passed to provide guidance for assistants to apply for MLS access for a reduced fee. CLICK HERE to view the full policy.
    • Licensed assistants will have the opportunity to access ValleyMLS.com under an annual reduced $300 fee. Orientation would be waived.
    • A discounted annual fee of $32 is available for unlicensed assistants under a set of requirements and restrictions.
    • CLICK HERE to view the entire policy and how your support staff can play a larger role in your office’s success!
  • NEW MEMBER ORIENTATION IMPLICIT BIAS. The Board approved the implementation of a new Implicit Bias module which will strengthen our already steadfast commitment to Fair Housing and non-discrimination. The pre-recorded module will be required viewing for all new MLS subscribers beginning in 2021.
    • Compliance Chairs: Dee James & Gerald Bourrell
    • Policy Chairs: Cindi Peters-Tanner (co-chair TBD)
    • Technology Chairs: Whitney Stringer & Lore Hislop
    • Forms Chairs: Craig LaMar (co-chair TBD)