Board Spotlight: Valerie Miles

This week, we’re continuing our series that brings the advice, insight, and personal stories of HAAR Officers and Board Members to our community. Any typical day in the life of a Realtor is busy, and we want to thank our entire leadership structure for the work they do and the time they volunteer to make our organization great. This week we are sharing insight from HAAR Immediate Past President Valerie Miles.

Valerie Miles more than 33 years of full-time experience in the real estate industry and is the Broker of RE/MAX Unlimited in Madison.  The foundation of her career and education began as an on-site sales agent, which planted the seeds of fruitful personal and professional relationships that still exist decades later.

Valerie believes that giving back to the community is one of the most important things one can do. She is involved in her church, the City of Madison Girls Softball League, March of Dimes, United Way, local politics, charities for troops, community engagement committees, Habitat House and more.

Her passion for our industry and fellow Realtors are reflected in her involvement with HAAR and the Alabama Association of Realtors.  She served as HAAR Board President in 2011 and 2018, 2016 MLS President, on our Budget and Finance Committee, Realtors in Action, Realtor Expo Committee, the Bylaws Committee, and as a consistent investor in ARPAC.

Valerie loves teaching, training, encouraging, supporting and working alongside Realtors.  She is passionate about the industry and professionalism, and truly enjoys celebrating the successes of others and helping them to reach their goals as she works toward hers.

Q: What do you think is the biggest challenge facing a new agent today?

The perception that this is an “easy” business. With the growth of our membership and the speed at which our market has been moving, it is difficult for the “new agent” to truly know how to build a lasting and successful business. We always want to be positive when we are sharing anything in public; however when we are together in the appropriate setting we should also be sharing the “real, in the trenches stories” of our challenges and how we worked through them. We literally have at our fingertips through our Association and so many tools and opportunities that will help us cultivate and grow our business foundation. Not only do “new” agents need this knowledge us “old” agents do too!

Q: Why should new Members get involved with HAAR and engage with their association?

To have longevity and to cultivate lasting relationships! The relationships we build with each other also help us make the relationships our clients and customers stronger. When we work together in a respectful and healthy way it helps us all to be better! This is true both in business and in life. We are a reflection on each other and we want that reflection to be good!

Q: Why did you volunteer for the Board and as an Officer?

I was asked to serve, but that that isn’t why I stayed involved. I got involved in the Association by serving on committees and task force opportunities. In looking back at the timing of getting involved, that is when I realized when I was giving back to the Association by serving, attending classes, meetings and events – that is when I also saw the most growth in my business. I enjoy getting to be around others that are doing well and are willing to share their knowledge AND who want others to do well too. I didn’t know that would happen but I absolutely know it to be true. The Realtor Family is an amazing group of people! I love that I wake up every day and get to have a voice for the industry that our family has been so blessed by. Giving back to my Association by giving of my time and the talents that I may have is an honor.