April 2020 Residential Real Estate Data & Insights Webinar

Watch the recording of yesterday’s webinar with ACRE Research Coordinator Stuart Norton sharing data and insights on the Alabama residential real estate market for Q1 2020.

Huntsville/North Alabama-relevant info is below:

  • Strong numbers in March are largely due to a lack of impact from Covid/stay-at-home orders until mid-late month.
  • Most sales are happening at lower price ranges, suggesting younger buyers are still going ahead with their move.
  • Low inventory is keeping sales up.
  • Prices in Huntsville are unlikely to drop any time soon.
  • 700 new construction units in Huntsville and Athens, which is more than in Birmingham, an area with twice the amount of people.
  • When you combine Huntsville and Athens, itā€™s the most productive area in the state.
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