Alan Reese Presented Staff Efficiency Award

Alan Reese, Assistant Finance Director, was presented with the Staff Efficiency Award during Tuesday morning’s board of directors meeting. Reese, who joined the HAAR/ staff in 2015, recently led several initiatives to save the association and MLS time and money. Last year when the state association requested that any dues transmittal be sent a new format not compatible with our current systems, staff had to create hand-keyed PDFs, then type in the member name, info and state dues paid, and ARPAC investments. Manually creating this spreadsheet is not only time consuming but leaves the association open for error. Alan figured out a way to create the file in our system based off the information available, and where this would have taken staff a week to 10 days prior for the 26 page report, the file was created in less than a minute!

Reese, led by our Realtors In Action committee, also oversaw the filing of the 501c3 status for REALTORS® in Action, inc.

Our HAAR benevolence fund has always been a great help to members in times of need. Through Alan’s work, when members donate to the fund, the full amount is tax deductible! Alan’s work is already saving members even more on their tax bill.

“We are fortunate to have the best and brightest in the association management and MLS fields working with us,” said Josh McFall, CEO HAAR/ “Our entire team is committed to serving our members, being the best stewards of member resources, and finding the most efficient ways to accomplish 5-star service. Alan exemplifies our 5 key principles in his daily work and I’m pleased to present him with the HAAR Staff Efficiency Award.”