HAAR Announces Municipal Endorsements for August 25th Elections

After a rigorous process to select a candidate interview panel for 2020 Elections, as well as numerous candidate interviews and completed questionnaires, the Huntsville Area Association of REALTORS® (HAAR) is pleased to announce the following candidate endorsements for upcoming contested primary elections in Madison County on March 3rd.

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For Huntsville Mayor: Tommy Battle

Since first elected as Huntsville Mayor in 2008, the city has seen explosive, yet responsibly managed growth. Battle’s leadership is a foundational reason for this. Yet, the mayor refuses to rest on his laurels and maintains a dynamic plan for Huntsville. As a former REALTOR, he understands our issues, the critical nature of real estate to the regional economy, and knows that REALTORS will play an integral part of acclimating the thousands of new residents expected in North Alabama over the next five years. Battle is a consensus builder, surrounds his office with a smart and effective team, and inspires the city to work together. He has more than earned four more years as the Mayor of Huntsville, and the Rocket City deserves nothing less.

For Madison Mayor: Paul Finley

HAAR has enjoyed a positive working relationship with Mayor Finely in his second stint as Mayor of Madison. He has time and again shown a willingness to listen to REALTORS on tough issues even when we are placed in adversarial roles. Particularly on the issue of impact fees, the mayor remained accessible and ready to listen to our voice. Madison has complicated challenges ahead of it in the coming years, and the city needs Mayor Finley’s passion for the area, familiarity with its needs, and existing relationships with regional leaders in order to jump those hurdles.

For Huntsville City Council, District 1:

Devyn Keith

Devyn Keith is an inspiring young leader that embodies the optimistic forward-thinking spirit of Huntsville. As Council President, he has navigated the council and city through several difficult issues with the benefit of Huntsville’s positive development at heart. District 1 has unique needs that have existed for decades and Keith has the pragmaticism and skill to deliver results sooner than many others could. He has proven to be a REALTOR Champion and his leadership continues to be needed in his district and across the city.

For Huntsville City Council, District 5:

John Meredith

Previously endorsed by HAAR, Meredith has spent the past four years speaking out about issues that directly affect Huntsville’s 5th District. He has a passion for direct contact with residents and a specific plan for improvements in the diverse district. West Huntsville needs hands-on attention and Meredith has signaled he is ready to provide that to residents.

For Huntsville City School Board, District 5:

Carlos Mathews

Previously endorsed by HAAR, Matthews has shown leadership and a unique understanding of the needs of West Huntsville students. He knows that a quality school system goes hand in hand with a thriving real estate market, and is a reliable partner and REALTOR Champion.

For Madison City Council, District 1:

Maura Wroblewski

Wroblewski has earned the trust of her constituents during her first term, and has run a respectful and professional campaign. During the impact fee debate, she stressed the importance on gathering all available data and sought HAAR’s guidance and the information that only we can provide. Moving forward, she has signaled a willingness to work with Realtors on the issue of yard signs.

For Madison City Council, District 2:

Steve Smith

Council President Smith has demonstrated a unique knowledge of Madison and its complex needs. The city requires his experience on the Council during the coming pivotal years of development and managed growth. His professionalism in his relationship with HAAR leads to positive results for Realtors and his support of responsible progress for Madison is necessary for the market to move forward in the coming years.

For Madison City Council, District 3:

Teddy Powell

Powell has a record of working well with HAAR and is a consummate professional on the Council. His pragmatic and sensible approach to leadership demonstrates the bravery to take difficult votes even when they are unpopular. Teddy is always receptive to a conversation with HAAR and his experience on the Finance Committee will be needed as Madison navigates complicated budgets in the next four years.

For Madison City Council, District 4:

Greg Shaw

Shaw has stressed the importance of finding creative revenue sources for infrastructure that is typically neglected when improvements are prioritized. On the Finance Committee, he has focused on the necessity to keep the Council acting as responsible stewards of tax dollars. His record shows that he is as invested in the success of Madison as the REALTORS who work in the region.

For Madison City Council, District 6:

Gerald Clark

Clark has cited the importance of homeownership and private property rights as a driving factor to successfully manage expansive progress in Madison. His work to balance growth of the school system, city infrastructure and Madison’s finances has set the community up for success and his experience continues to be needed on the Council in the pivotal years to come.

For Madison City Council, District 7:

John Seifert

Seifert is one of Madison’s hardest working civic leaders, tackling issues as large as managing a city growing at break-neck speed, to as “small” as getting on the phone after-hours to get a downed power line fixed. He has a holistic approach to maintaining Madison’s high resident contentment as well as its world-class school system that faces numerous challenges ahead.