2019 Officer & Director Elections

Would you like to be a part of the HAAR / NALMLS Board of Directors? Do you have experience serving on other boards? Would you like to become an association officer? Well… Now is your chance to get involved! We are seeking nominations for HAAR / NALMLS Officers and Directors. Take a moment to hear from two members who have served in many leadership roles at the Huntsville Area Association of REALTORS®:

“I became involved because someone asked. I stayed involved because I saw the value and importance of being engaged with the association and being an intricate part of the decision making process. It’s a sacrifice of my time but the relationships that I have formed with peers and industry leaders locally and across the country, along with the knowledge that I’ve gained has been invaluable.”
-Kathy Mann, 2018 HAAR Director & 2016 HAAR President

“I decided early on in my real estate career to get involved with HAAR because I was told that if you want to affect change you have to be part of the change. Being on the board directors is an honor and a privilege which gives me the ability to be a part of an already amazing organization and help to continue its great legacy.”
-Chris Hulser, 2018 HAAR Director

As you can hear from these leaders, it is a reward to be asked to serve. As an association, we need your knowledge, skills, and talents to help continue to make our association the best that it can be. Since college, I’ve carried the leadership mantra from Dr. Steven Covey, the author of “7 Habits of Highly Effective People, as my own. Dr. Covey said, “Leadership is not a position, it’s a decision.” I have no doubt that those of you thinking about leadership at the board level have been an inspiration or a leader for fellow agents, your company, your family, or others—folks who already like the decisions you make in your daily life and career and would love to have you in a position of leadership. It’s now your time to step up to the plate and apply for a position on the board or take your service to the next level with a line officer position.

The nominating committee is accepting applications for the 2019-2020 Board of Directors and 2019 Secretary-Treasurer position. This is your time. We look forward to having your name in the hat for service in the coming year.
Join us.
All my best, Josh McFall

2019 Election Facts

If you would like to nominate yourself or someone else for an Officer or Director position, please fill out the digital application (or have them fill out) and submit along with a high resolution color photo. A link to the application is available on the HAAR website or can be emailed by staff. Once you have submitted your digital application it will be given to the nominating committee on your behalf.

2019 Nominating Committee:
Kathy Mann- Chair, Opie Balch, Bill Stewart, Julie Lockwood, Larry Carroll, Steve Cawthon, Kim Leach
The nominating committee consists of the 5 most recent past presidents (willing to serve) and two members at large voted on at the June Membership Meeting. They meet to accept nominations and put forth the person or persons for each open position.

Submitting an application:
If you or someone you know is nominating you for a HAAR officer or director position you must submit an application and recent photo. The format in which you submit answers to the questions on the digital application is the format in which it will be presented on the actual ballot. NO CHANGES WILL BE MADE TO APPLICATIONS BY STAFF OR THE THIRD PARTY VENDOR. If there is a typo or error, it will be submitted as is.

Election Schedule:
Officer Elections: Friday, September 28th, 9am – Monday, October 1st, 5pm
Director Elections: Friday, November 2nd, 9am – Monday, November 5th, 5pm

Nominating Committee Meets:
Officers: August 20th, 1-2:00pm / Directors: September 10th, 1-2:00pm
Report from Nominating committee: Given at October & November luncheons and via
email 3 weeks preceding the election.

2019 Election Committee:
Sarah Hereford-Chair, Linda Sheffield and Leena Jacobs

Nomination by Petition:
If you are not nominated by the nominating committee there is an alternate way to get your name on the ballot. Per the HAAR bylaws (Article XI, Section 5, Paragraph B) you may be placed in nomination by getting a petition signed by at least 5% of the REALTOR members (about 104 members). Not more than fifty percent (50%) of required signatories may be Members of the same company. This petition must be turned in to the Executive Vice President (aka: CEO) at least 2 weeks preceding the election. Any petition for an Officer position must be received by September 14th at 5pm, and any petition for Director must be received by October 19th at 5pm.

For the Officer Application Form Click HERE.
Nominations will be open from August 6th – August 20th at 2:00pm.

For the Director Application Form Click HERE.
Nominations will be open from August 27th – September 10th at 2:00pm.