Critical SentriLock Agreement Coming July 15th

šŸšØ Be on the lookout! On July 15th, you will be asked to accept the terms of an agreement governing the use of SentriLock keys to protect properties against unauthorized access.Ā 
The terms of this agreement will be delivered in a pop-up message the first time you log into Paragon beginning on Monday, July 15th. Subscribers will be unable to access any Paragon tools until they agree to these terms.Ā 
This is the first of several reminders that will be sent to ValleyMLS subscribers across our channels–including newsletters, social media, our websites, and more.Ā 
More information and theĀ full text of the agreementĀ can be found below.Ā 

Why is this needed?

The ValleyMLS Board of Directors recently approved the need for a Sentrilock System Agreement to protect properties against unauthorized access.
This came after the Board was notified last month of a troubling situation that involved unauthorized access to a property by an appraiser whose daughter was a prospective buyer.Ā 
The individual, who was not representing either party in the transaction, arrived early to the property alone, rang the doorbell, and accessed the home through the lockbox. Though the property owner was not at home, a complaint was filed with the police.Ā 
Several policies were violated by this action with potential liability for multiple parties.Ā 
Because of this situation, acceptance of the terms of an agreement is now required to protect ValleyMLS subscribers and the MLS as a whole. All members must now acknowledge that they understand the permissible conditions under which a lockbox can be accessed to enter a property.
Please emailĀ MLSsupport@valleymls.comĀ with any questions or concerns.Ā