RISmedia CEO & Leadership Exchange Recap

The 2022 RISmedia CEO & Leadership Exchange is in the books! Take a look at an executive summary of the event below.
To bring a diverse group of MLS stakeholders together with a broader real estate leadership audience to discuss, explain and debate the most pressing issues in the rapidly evolving spaces of MLS and real estate data.
To spark lively discussions and explore often neglected topics surrounding the MLS landscape— from consolidation and tech, to regulation and emerging monetization opportunities. Panelists representing a broad range of regional and industry perspectives engaged in free-flowing conversations that wrapped high-level questions of data ownership and demographics with practical, day-to-day  guidance for MLS-broker relationship building.
Key Takeaways
Changes around MLSs—their role, responsibilities and opportunities—are inevitable and imminent.
That was the consensus from MLS leaders, who agreed broadly on a push to encourage operational efficiencies and collaboration, as well as consolidate data with more access and transparency—though participants often differed on specific approaches. With dozens of perspectives across
a wide array of technical, interconnected issues, here are the most important takeaways from three
days of dialogue: