Information on 9/16 Supra Outage

We have received notification from Supra that they are experiencing issues with SupraNET, SupraWEB and eSYNCS. All other systems are working normally.
❌ What is NOT working?
🔘 SupraNET
🔘 SupraWEB
🔘 ActiveKEY
🔘 DisplayKEY eSYNCS
🔘 eKEY Syncs and Wireless Updating
🔹 What IS working?
🔘 KIMvoice (888-968-4032)
🔘 Automated Phone Payments (IVR system)
Supra is working as quickly as possible to resolve the issue and will send out an update as soon as it is fixed. If you have any questions, please contact support at 800-545-9601.