High Survey Turnout Gives ValleyMLS.com Soaring Grades

In Fall 2020, the WAV Group conducted a Member Satisfaction Survey of ValleyMLS.com subscribers to take an annual pulse of those who use the MLS every day to run their business. The WAV Group received an overwhelming amount of answers in a 30.2% response rate that is almost unheard of in industry standards.

In those responses, ValleyMLS.com and the WAV Group saw a high rate of positive responses as well as a way to improve services for subscribers.

Response Demographics

Nearly 90% of respondents were agents. 10% of that group reported that they have been a real estate professional for less than one year. 71% completed at least six sales per year.

High Satisfaction with Paragon

Nearly 9 out of 10 respondents are satisfied with Paragon, ValleyMLS.com’s system, providing either “Excellent” or “Good” scores over a range of characteristics: feature modernity, being bug free, system speed, and ease of use.

More Strong Satisfaction with All ValleyMLS.com Tools

In addition to Paragon, users provided excellent ratings ShowingTime, dotLoop, Homesnap and more free tools offered by ValleyMLS.com to subscribers. “Too difficult to learn/use” outpaced “Poor” in every instance, carving a path for ValleyMLS.com to offer more opportunities for its partners to educate members how to use the tools it offers.

A Place to Improve: Getting the Word out on Trainings, Tech Support

While ValleyMLS.com live technical support services are overwhelmingly appreciated, only one-third of respondents have used those services in the past year.

To the same end, 71% of those who responded say they have not used after-hours tech support offered by Paragon, ShowingTime, dotLoop, or CRS Tax Suite. 87% said they have not accessed ValleyMLS.com tech services, although almost all of those who have used these services are satisfied with them.

COVID Support Receives High Ratings

More Room for Improvement: Promoting Virtual Open Houses and Other Tools

Among other action items for ValleyMLS.com brought on by this survey, the ease and opportunity of holding virtual open houses must continue to be promoted as a useful tool during and after the pandemic.

Subscribers are Confident ValleyMLS.com Has Their Interests at Heart